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Naples, an unbelieveble city...despite the prejuidices!

2020-06-08 22:59

Dario Montanino

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Naples, an unbelieveble city...despite the prejuidices!

This blog is not made for marketing, I use to write it in order  to help you to better understand my city, to satisfy my need to tell the truth about

This blog is not made for marketing, I use to write it in order  to help you to better understand my city, to satisfy my need to tell the truth about neapolitan reality! 

I don't want to be offensive but I'm pretty sure that foreigner tourists  can love or hate Naples but, in both cases,  many times they don't know it as well.


Because Naples is really huge, so different every time, so hard to explain in a few words.  We are talking about a city older than than Rome with a very complex History!

If you come to Naples for one week, you know, you can visit at maximum Capri, Pompei, you give a look at the historic center with its pizzerias and not much more. 

If you ask someone who has never been to Naples, what he thinks of Naples the first words that probably come to his mind will be: pizza, caffè,  camorra,  Gomorra, rubish, Vesuvio. 

Even some Italians consider Naples a dangerous city!


Let's try to solve some of these stereotypes:


1) Camorra: Yes, it exits but this criminal oraganization is not interested at all in you and in me: you'll never see guns and bullets in Naples, even at midnight the city can be very safe (avoid only the train station!). So definitely Camorra is only involved in great buisinesses and commercial activities.


2) Pizza and coffe: yes but don't forget we also have sweets like Pastiera, sfogliatella, Babà... first disches as Ragù, Genovese and Spaghetti a vongole and then "friarielli", delicious fried broccoli we usually eat along with sausages!


3) Pompei... I know! Pompei is unique, marvellous but we have many other intersting places it's worth to visit (Museo Archeologico Nazionale. Museo di Capodimonte, Reggia di Caserta, Chiostro di Santa Chiata, different entries for Naples underground, christian catacombs, hundreds of ancient churches and other archeological sites nearby... it's too long to list!)


4) Rubish: Yes the city is dirty, it's a weak point for Naples but just keep this in mind: Neapolitans love to shower... they are friendly, generous, never racist but they don't respect rules and the enviroment. Sad to notice!


5 ) Music, theatre and cinema: Naples is the capital of music and theatre. Most of the best Italian actors are Neapolitans, one of the major theatres in the world is the Teatro San Carlo, the most ancient in Europe!

Mozart, Verdi, Donizetti, Rossini and many other legendary musicians came here!


6) Il Conservatorio di San Pietro a Maiella is a prestigious music school: Riccardo Muti, the most important italian conductor studied here!


Naples doesn't finish at this point, in the next weeks I'm going to tell you much more!